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 DVvideo.com Ships HotSwap FireWire Enclosure

DVvideo.com announces HotSwap IEEE 1394(FireWire, iLink) Hard Drive Enclosures

LAFAYETTE, Calif., May 14, 2002-DVvideo.com, the digital video starting point, announces the availability of the HotSwap IEEE1394/FireWire/iLink hard drive enclosures.
DVvideo.com HotSwap Hard Drive Enclosures are a pro-grade product delivering a convenient, speedy, scaleable and portable alternative to the complexity of installing internal hard disk drives in a computer.

Offering plug and play ease-of-use and additional trays at $29, users will appreciate the significant value and convenience this product provides.
"Its speed and scalability allow the HotSwap solution to fill a storage void for many digital video editors and media creators," said president and founder of DVvideo.com, Ben Miskie. "Because of it's industrial strength, speed, and hotswap-ability, the HotSwap Enclosures can be especially useful for digital video editors and media creators whose storage needs grow very rapidly."

DVvideo.com HotSwap Enclosures offer the highest performance and durability available equipped with an included premium heavy-duty gold plated 6pin/6pin cable, a triple fan cooling system, complete compatibility with both Mac OS9/OSX and Windows platforms, ATA-6 compatibility, and the ability to insert and remove hard drives while the computer is running. Because the HotSwap Enclosures are external and connect via FireWire, they can complement perfectly any computer requiring external high performance storage, such as an iMac or any laptop.

"Just like the DVvideo.com Premier Enclosures ($139), the DVvideo.com HotSwap Enclosures take advantage of the 2nd generation Oxford 911 chipset," Miskie added. "Using the Oxford 911 chip and an enhanced firmware enables our product to achieve real world transfer speeds of up to 40 MB/s, fast enough to directly capture DV video."

Pricing and Availability

DVvideo.com HotSwap IEEE1394 Hard Drive Enclosures are priced at $225 and are available immediately at DVvideo.com. For more information visit: http://www.dvvideo.com/shop/storage/buyHotSwap.htm

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