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DVvideo.com and Relax Technology Announce Sales and Marketing Partnership

DVvideo.com Introduces Their Newest IEEE 1394(FireWire, iLink) Hard Drive Enclosures incorporating the Oxford 911 chip and immediate support for Apple OSX 10.1.

LAFAYETTE, Calif., and UNION CITY, Calif., October 16, 2001-DVvideo.com, the DV video(digital video) starting point, and Relax Technology, the worlds leading SCSI solutions company, announce a sales and marketing partnership for IEEE1394/FireWire/iLink hard drive enclosures and related products.  The partnership combines DVvideo.com's knowledge of the DV video industry and Relax Technology's 20 years of experience in the computer storage market. The partnership enables DVvideo.com to market the DVvideo.com Premier IEEE1394 Hard Drive Enclosures while Relax Technology handles the customer support, shipping, billing, and returns. When compared to the competition using previous generation chipsets, the DVvideo.com Premier IEEE1394 Hard Drive Enclosures enable data and video to be transferred twice as fast and are compatible with both Macintosh and PC computers.  The enclosures incorporate the new Relax Technology firmware, offering increased hard drive compatibility, and allowing the Oxford 911 based enclosure to support OSX 10.1.

"We wanted to make our products more available to the consumer," said Relax Technology founder, Frank Grabreli. "DVvideo.com provides the vehicle to gain visibility within this emerging marketplace. We are optimistic about the growth potential for both companies."

Priced at $159, DVvideo.com Premier IEEE1394 Hard Drive Enclosures are a premium pro-grade product incorporating a dual fan system to keep the drive temperature low and internal Teflon cabling to ensure the cables are shielded and strong. DVvideo.com Premier Hard Drive Enclosures deliver a convenient, speedy, scaleable and portable alternative to the complexity of installing internal hard disk drives in a computer.

"With DVvideo.com's expertise in digital video and Relax Technology's 20 years of experience in manufacturing storage solutions, this partnership seemed like a natural match." said Ben Miskie, president and founder for DVvideo.com. "The partnership ensures that mutual customers have DVvideo.com and a company with 20 years of experience backing every DVvideo.com product they buy."


DVvideo.com Premier IEEE1394 Hard Drive Enclosures connect fast plug and play storage using the same port DV video cameras use for capturing video to a computer. DVvideo.com Premier IEEE1394 Hard Drive Enclosures take advantage of the new 2nd generation Oxford 911 chipset, enabling transfer speeds of 35MB/s that directly capture DV video. This compares to many other hard drive enclosures, which use the first generation chipsets and transfer information at around 15MB/s.

Pricing and Availability

For more information about DVvideo.com Premier IEEE1394 Hard Drive Enclosures, visit http://www.dvvideo.com/shop/storage/buyEnclosure.htm

DVvideo.com and Relax Technology products are pro-grade products and can be found in the Shop section on the web at http://www.dvvideo.com/shop/storage/index.htm

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