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Check out this camera
Aug 24, 2007 10:03:15 AM
As of posting, the best bang for your buck is the Canon HV20. When used right, it can give your productions that film look you've been looking for. However, priced under 1000 in our store, you can get that big budget film look, at a very low budget price.
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DV Video Revamps Bookstore
Dec 6, 2006 5:50:00 PM
We've taken a complete new approach to the DV video store. We now offer tons of books and software relating to all aspects of digital film. We are also selling DV video cameras in the shop as well, with great pricing. Check it out! Click Here

New Store Stuff
Sep 6, 2005 4:26:11 PM
Check out the new Apple and Dell store. Here you will find links to computers perfect for DV video editing. In addition, you will find amazing limited time coupon links to dell products. AND as always, you will find our high performance DV video storage devices as well links to film making books.

MacWorld Expo 2005 in SF
Dec 22, 2004 5:50:16 PM will be covering the latest DV video related events. Look for our live coverage in January 2005.
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Jun 21, 2004 10:09:39 PM
Now that DV video has become mainsteam, sharing your video has become just as important. However, if you want people to be happy when watching your video you are going to have to learn how to make the file size of your video smaller so that it is sharable. That's where video compression comes in and shows you how to do it.
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Hot Swap 800 Available NOW
Nov 24, 2003 5:02:49 AM
The time is now! The FireWire 800 Hot Swap kit is shipping now! Get unlimited super fast next generation storage perfect for video or any other type of media. Buy one today!
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