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Introduction | video | sound | lighting

Without light there is nothing except for sound. It is where video starts.

A light source bounces off an object, goes though the camera lens, onto the CCD and then is recorded onto the tape. The less light you have, the less information bounces off the object through the lens to the CCD, making your picture feel grainy because there is less information recorded. The more light you have, the more information there is for the camera to pick up making the picture more vibrant and clear.

When thinking about light, there are 5 major areas to consider.

1. The Lighting Source
This is generally what you start with to illuminate objects in the scene. There are a variety of different types of lights to choose from: box lights, condecent lights, incandescent lights, spot lights and the list goes on.

2. The Object
The object that reflects light into the camera can dull or shinny, dark or light. These different variables need to be factored when setting up your lighting source.

3. The Lens
The size of the lens, the amount the shutter opens, and the frequency in which the shutter opens all can contribute to how much light is necessary for a shot.

4. The CCD
The CCD(Charged Coupling Device) converts light waves into digital signals. Some cameras have larger CCD's with higher resolutions. Some camera's have separate CCD's to specifically handle certain colors(red, green and blue). Not all CCD's are created equal, some are more sensitive than others having better signal to noise ratios.

5. The Ambient Light
Ambient light comes in many colors and can effect what the camera sees. It is created by the reflected light mixing together in a room. For instance, if the carpet is red, objects may take on a slight red hue.

Lights Aren't Lasers

Lighting can chance in different areas of space. (More coming soon)

Lights settings for different situations

(More coming soon)

The Effects of Scrims

(More coming soon)

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Introduction | video | sound | lighting




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