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Dec 6, 2006:
DV Video Revamps Bookstore

We've taken a complete new approach to the DV video store. We now offer tons of books and software relating to all aspects of digital film. We are also selling DV video cameras in the shop as well, with great pricing. Check it out! Click Here

Dec 22, 2004:
MacWorld Expo 2005 in SF will be covering the latest DV video related events. Look for our live coverage in January 2005.

Jun 19, 2003:
Final Cut Pro 4 Released

Apr 7, 2003:
Avid Introduces Xpress Pro with Avid Mojo

Apr 7, 2003:
Apple Introduces Shake 3

Apr 7, 2003:
Apple Introduces DVD Studio Pro 2

Apr 7, 2003:
Apple Introduces Final Cut Pro 4

Apr 5, 2002:
Apple Announces Cinema Tools for FCP

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Jun 21, 2004 10:09:39 PM
Now that DV video has become mainsteam, sharing your video has become just as important. However, if you want people to be happy when watching your video you are going to have to learn how to make the file size of your video smaller so that it is sharable. That's where video compression comes in and shows you how to do it.
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Apr 9, 2003 11:36:57 AM
We found some interesting product developments at NAB 2003. See what we found.
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Video Camera Quick Tips
Mar 10, 2003 5:42:32 AM
Want to buy a DV video camera, but dont have any idea of what you need to know? Go to Shop and click on Video Camera Buying QuickTips.
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  Generating the idea
  Planning the Shoot

  Video Techniques
  Sound Techniques
  Lighting Techniques

Post Production
  Necessary Equipment
  Editing Setup

How to Use Learn

Learn was created as a way to get a head start on making your DV video films more viewable .

Hopefully Learn will spark an idea, teach something you never knew, remind you of something you forgot, or just make you laugh.

Currently, Learn is a tutorial that gives hints and ideas from generating an idea to the completion of editing. In the future, look for additional articles to be posted highlighting additional filmmaking techniques.