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 DV video IEEE 1394 Accessories (400 and 800 speeds)  

 1394A Cables - starting at $29

These FireWire 1394a Cable offers the highest data transfer potential for any FireWire Bus while eliminating errors. The extra shielding, gold contacts, gold connectors and extra heavy duty wire protect your important data.

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 1394B Cables - starting at $39

Gold Connectors, Ferrite Beads, and perfect cable characteristics are but a few of the exclusive features offered with our 1394B FireWire cables. Available in three different models, 4 pin to 9 pin, 6 pin to 9 pin, and 9 pin to 9 pin. These are the highest quality cables available for high speed 80MB/s FireWire..

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 FireWire 6 port/6 pin Hub with power supply-$79

This IEEE 1394 FireWire HUB gives you the ability to easily add or remove devices without interrupting other devices on the bus. This 6 port model can also be tied together to offer as many ports as needed. The HUBs also act as a repeater, regenerating the signals and giving you additional cable length. Now you can go long distances without any signal loss.

When used in conjunction with our premium IEEE 1394 Cables, the distance between devices can be up to 30 feet. Designed with state-of-the-art components we are capable of supporting up to 400 Mbits/second data transfer rates. Our design also supports Plug-n-Play and Hot-Swapability giving you the ability to remove or add devices while the system is up and running. Both FireWire and ilink devices can be used. It has never been easier to add devices to your computer.

Compatibility is always a concern so we have made our HUBS compliant with both the IEEE 1394-1195 and 1394A standards. We are also compatible with all operation systems and also support multiple initiators on one bus. Regulatory approvals include FCC Class B and CE.


 PCI FireWire Host Adapter 400 and 800 Mbit

The perfect solution for any computer. This card is both Mac and PC compatible, giving your computer four 1394 FireWire connectors. Because our card uses the TI chipset, this card is IEEE Standard OHCI compliant with an auxiliary power connector on card and supports up to 400Mbit or 800Mbit.

1394a 400 Mbit - $59
1395b 800 Mbit - $99

 DV video IEEE 1394 Accessories (400 and 800 speeds)    

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