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 FireWire 800/USB 2.0 Drive Encloure - $149  


Price: $149

Platform: All OS’s that support IEEE-1394b/USB and that have a compliant card & software

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours

Requirements: OHCI compliant IEEE 1394b bus card, IDE/ATA Hard disk drive

Warranty: One year parts and labor.**

The Drive Enclosure can be used in horizontal or vertical orientations. The FireWire 800 1394B / Ultra IDE Drive Enclosures and Systems are designed for the ultimate in FireWire speed. Running up to 80MB/s, these ultra fast designs use Oxford 922 technology to achieve the fastest data transfer rates available. Also incorporated into their design is versatility, each case is designed to run in either a vertical or horizontal position. We use an extra heavy-duty external power supply to guarantee the drives get exactly what they need. Our design incorporates a durable black plastic shell that is light and easy to transport. The added 3 port hub in the rear of the case allows you to plug in any other FireWire device without the added cost of additional hardware. Comes complete with three cables for added versatility.

Enclosure Includes:  
9 pin x 9 pin 3’ Cable
9 pin x 6 pin 3’ Cable
USB 2.0 3’ Cable
90-260 Volt Power Supply


Quick Features


Dimensions: Enclosure Weight 2.7LBS 8.8”(L) x 6.1”(W) x 1.8”(H)
Data Transfer Rate: 800 Mbit/second
Compatibility: IEEE 1394-1995 and 1394A/B, IDE Ultra ATA 100 Bus
OS Compatibility:
All OS’s that support IEEE-1394b and that have a compliant card & software.

**Warranty, Support provided by Relax Technology.

 Why should I buy a FireWire enclosure?

If you are doing video editing, you need unlimited fast storage. With DV video sucking up 3.6 MB per second, your hard drive storage space can become limited very fast. Just capturing 10 minutes of video would take up about 2.1 Gigs of storage. If you wanted to add a filter to your video, you would need another 2.1 Gigs to render the file out. That means you would need a total of 4.2 Gigs of storage to edit 10 minutes of video. As you can see, even if you are a novice video editor, there is a need for additional affordable storage that is fast enough to handle video. Luckily there is.

FireWire is not just for hooking up DV video cameras. It can also be used to hook up Hard Drives with plug and play ease. In the past, the FireWire enclosures could only maintain speeds that were barely fast enough for video. Compared to the internal hard drive inside your computer, these speeds are very slow. Additionally, because there are so many opportunities for data interruptions, frames of video could be dropped because the hard drive enclosure couldn't maintain the speed that was necessary to capture all the frames of video. Speed is important. Finally, it is available in a FireWire solution.

 How easy is it to install?

It is very easy to set up. Simply pop an IDE/ATA hard drive into the enclosure, plug in the power cable and connect your computer to the fire wire enclosure. The computer will then automatically recognize the new hard drive and ask to format your new hard disk. Select Yes. That's it. You're done. In the event that your computer is so old that it doesn't already have the standard drivers to support the drive, we have an easy to use installer included with the enclosure for both Mac and PC. If you still have problems, we have a phone number (510.471.6442) to call for support.

 How good is the support?

Our support is excellent. Simply click on the support link. Once there, you will find software updates, answers and explanation to problems, as well as a phone number in the event that your problem is not solved. We take customer service very seriously. Unlike many other online companies, every technical support call is given the same priority as a sales call. Our manufacturing and support partner, Relax Systems, is a strong and established company that has been in the external storage business for 20 years. You can feel confident in buying these products because they are backed by a strong company.

 What hard drive do you recommend for the enclosure?

Currently, we recommend the IBM 180 GB 180GXP series drives. In our experience, these drives have proven to be the most reliable and have achieved the maximum performance. With a three year warranty, high speeds, and the lowest failure rate, the IBM drives are very hard to beat. However, any ATA/IDE drive you choose will work.

 What's included?

One FireWire 800 Drive Enclosure
One 9 pin x 9 pin 3’ Cable
One 9 pin x 6 pin 3’ Cable
One USB 2.0 3’ Cable
One 90-260 Volt Power Supply

(Just add a drive!)

 FireWire 800/USB 2.0 Drive Encloure - $149    

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